Músicas ao Vivo

Músicas ao Vivo

Local 23. Galerías Gran Vía. Avda. Gran Vía, 176 - 36211 Vigo - Pontevedra

Manuel Alonso
(+34) 886 11 36 75
(+34) 622 894 525


Músicas ao Vivo was born in 2008 with the aim of grouping and unifying the concerns of live musicians, and as a platform to exchange information and opinions. It aims to be a place where all musicians have a place and thus have a common voice of this group. Its philosophy is based on dignifying live music and the work of those musicians who perform it.
Músicas ao Vivo is already established as an association of musicians in Galicia and as an entity of reference in the defense of collective rights.
Our main objectives are:
-To represent the collective of musicians
-To dignify the musical career
-To promote the social awareness of Galician musicians
-To defense the interests of associates and the artists collective
-To visualize and publicize Galician music
The association’s turning point happens in June 2010, when Músicas ao Vivo presents its Development Plan supported by AIE. This plan was based on three fundamental pillars:
-To boost the Labor Regularization Plan in Galicia
-To develop a web page, meeting point and virtual office of the association
-To provide a part-time worker for inquiries and consultations
After the success of these initiatives, the activities and services of the association are gradually increased according to the direct demand of members and musicians.
This is how the training talks began, the academic publications, agreements with legal advisers, presence in fairs, creation of local branches, etc.
It is also worth noting that since 2018, by an agreement endorsed in a general assembly, the association has modified its name to Músicas ao Vivo. The name change is a proposal of the new board justified on the need to show a feminist perspective from the association as well as touching upon the own musicians as such, which are the ones that bind us, musicians, together.
In 2018, Músicos ao Vivo S. Coop is also created as an independent entity, a cooperative non-profit society created to provide services to Galician musicians at a state level.
The cooperative was born as a logical continuation of the labour carried out since July 2010 by Músicos ao Vivo in accordance with the agreement signed with the Musicat cooperatives to facilitate the billing process for Galician musicians. The new cooperative is created to give a better response to the operations required by our partners (faster invoice delivery, proforma invoices, contract signing protocols, simplification and reduction of the deadlines for sending documentation, dealing with Galician public institutions and adaptation to their demands, individualized payments to the musicians, etc.).
The musicians’ cooperatives have existed since the mid-90s. They were created by the musicians' own initiative with the intention of normalizing their work situation at the recurrent infringement—either due to ignorance, due to the complexity and administrative burden of the scheme or due to contractual bad faith—of the current regulations by public shows’ hosts.
The effectiveness of these initiatives can be seen in the substantial increase in the number of musicians affiliated to the Social Security system where cooperatives provide their services, with the consequent contribution bases and Social Security contributions going public. It is also evident the growth of the tax contributions of the musicians and artists through the IRPF and the VAT invoiced by the cooperatives to the hosts of the shows.
-The enhancement of people’s work focused on the music industry in order to promote the professionalization of the artist activity
-To promote the awareness of Galician musical culture
-To defense the interests of associates and the collective