Golfiño Records

Golfiño Records

Pol. de Toedo, Parcela C-5. 36680 A Estrada (Pontevedra)


(+34) 986 590 055


Golfiño Records is an independent record label created by Audia servicios audiovisuales. We offer musical performers and writers the opportunity to publicize their creations with the guarantee of serious, honest and transparent work.

Thanks to our business structure we are able to can take care of the whole production of an artist. Our method is based on:

The discovery of the artists who are looking for a distinctive sound that gives them a well-defined identity.

We analyze the material during the recording process in the studio, coordinating the
recording and mixing sessions in order to achieve the objective in view.

We publish the work for artists, arrangers or performers through agreements with different
copyright management companies.

We put in place all the necessary mechanisms so multinational companies get interested in
the products that we offer.

We began the process of introducing our music in the market through the media together
with our distributor, maintaining the market interest in both the work and the image of those we represent.

We also promote our artists getting contracts for performances, for which we have
promotional staff.

In Golfiño Records we make an effort in promoting the styles that we think have a future, such as hip hop, electronic music, jazz, bossa and the ageless pop across all its strands, without neglecting the sounds of Galicia.

Yet in Golfiño Records we do not disregard clients who just want to publish their work or just record a cd as amateur musicians. For this purpose we have a special label dedicated to meet this growing demand in Galicia, with affordable rates we can make your project come true.