Mada Producións

Mada Producións

Cesar, 48 Calo. 15886 Teo (A Coruña)

Inés Portela
(+34) 690 195 217

info@madapro.gal / inesportela@madapro.gal

At Mada Producións we have been making cultural programming and production the backbone of our work for twenty years. Both in projects of our own design and in those that require our experience in production, we believe in networks. Music sessions, festivals and meetings, events and educational activities. All projects need accomplices; at Mada, we know that this is the key.

Our services in the field of culture are wide-ranging: programming, booking, production, venue management. Different formats, different stages, different audiences, and one formula: professionalism and enthusiasm in equal parts. No two projects are the same; our challenge is to ensure that they all have a positive impact on the community.