O Cable Inglés S. Coop Galega

O Cable Inglés S. Coop Galega

Pai Ramón Maria Aller, 6, 9º E. Vigo (Pontevedra)

Nuria Pérez
(+34) 695 881 074
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O Cable Inglés is a cooperative founded with the idea of giving a comprehensive answers to cultural demands. Our goal is to offer tailor-made cultural solutions that can integrate as many services as necessary for a successful cultural experiences.
We get our name from one of the least known episodes in the history of Galicia, but also one of the most fruitfull from the cultural, social, sport and economic point of view. This event began in 1873, when the Eastern Telegraph Company, ETC, installed in the city of Vigo the first underwater telegraph cable that linked Europe with the rest of the world. For more than a century Vigo was Europe's gateway for all major international events. A British community settled on the hillsides of Monte Castro and for over one hundred years transformed the dynamics of the city and made great contributions to our cultural heritage. O Cable Inglés also brought football, tennis, beer and Porto wine, but above all brought culture. Galicia was communicating with the rest of the world under the sea.

In 2012 O Cable Inglés Cultural Cooperative retrieves this part of the memory of our country as a metaphor to create and communicate culture. Bringing together the experiences of four professionals specializing in management, production, design and communication, O Cable Inglés provides comprehensive management services for cultural projects that are sustainable and that involve the territory and its inhabitants.

We make tailor-made cultural costumes. We function as a cultural cooperative of associated work, where each of the founding partners brings her expertise in the areas of design, management, production and communication, and complement their experience with the input from our business collaborators to meet more concrete demands as photography, audiovisual, illustration, animation, sound, music, performing arts, teaching, translation, interpretation, gastronomy, fashion…

This structure allows us to offer a wide range of services that can be booked/hired/contracted by our clients, as a full package or individually:

—Design and implementation of cultural projects.
—Creating ideas, content and cultural experiences.

—Concerts, festivals, exhibitions, presentations, fairs, workshops.
—Management and recruitment of artists.
—Publishing and audiovisual products.

—Design and implementation of communication strategies.
—Design and management of 2.0 communication plans.
—Press office for events and cultural products.
—Promotion and advertising media.
—Design and drafting of publishing/publications.
—Screenwriting and production of audiovisual products.
—Photography and video coverage.

Art and graphic image.
Editorial design.
Corporate image.
Development of promotional and merchandising campaigns.
Web projects