Festival de Música de Cámara Cidade de Pontevedra

Festival de Música de Cámara Cidade de Pontevedra

Festival de Música de Cámara de Pontevedra aims to show original ensembles within what is commonly known as "cultured music". We seek to bring all types of audiences to the concerts we schedule and, for that reason, it is necessary to offer something new.

In addition, it is important for us to have a place where we can encourage Galician interpreters who are already playing around the world and, nevertheless, do not have a space to demonstrate everything they do here in Galicia.

In this first edition we will have:

Esjedon Duo, composed of the Ponteareas cellist Alba Reirís and the Greek clarinetist Spyros Fakiolas. This unusual group mixes classics like Beethoven duos with original plays with Galician and Greek twists.

Dúo Xistra, consisting of the flute player Juan Cernadas and the accordionist Nerea Rodríguez, both from Pontevedra. This duo will present a program that goes from the baroque to contemporary plays composed by themselves. They seek to give a new perspective to classic plays, thus bringing new sounds to already known pieces.

Join us to live chamber music from another point of view!

Music promoters: Asociación Música Viva, Concello de Pontevedra

Establishment year: 2018

Periodicity: Pontevedra

Approximate dates of celebration: July 8th, 10th, 12th

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