Aula 11

We are Aula 11, Carballo’s youth.

We play garage and rock and roll and drink the blood of bands like Los Nastys, FIDLAR, Black Lips or Pitbul. Aula 11 is born after four guys saw their buddies performing at the Festival Sereas e Piratas and creating a music group was a good excuse to have fun and travel around the world, so we wrote some poetic lyrics and we goofed around for a bit until we got a call from Madrid and we had a show at Mat Mad (Madrid). We came back home to achieve Aula 11’s main goal: performing at the Festival Sereas e Piratas 2015 and then we realized that people enjoyed our stories, so we played in more festivals and pubs and we chose to be successful.

For the record, we published an EP and presented it the biggest end of the world party.

Back to school, we played some live sessions to regain strength, to keep up with our bizarre, young pizza philosphy and to jam, socialize and bust anything and everything; we also won Radio 3’s award ABLAB which took our music to the far-away country that is Albacete.

2016 has come full of suprises; we keep playing in some local pubs, besides Radio 3 studios, and something is brewing for the fall. Be ready!


Aula 11
Manu Eirín
(+34) 650 071 987 - (+34) 679 572 132


Hoxe de tranquis


2017, Aula 11

Tarde, mal y arrastro


2015, Aula 11


La Cosa Buena


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