Roura (A Coruña, 1993) is a singer-songwriter based in Madrid.

His style is characterised by the construction of his own imaginary from his lyrics, markedly narrative and poetic, with influences of surrealism, magical and dirty realism and the poetry of experience.

Musically, he drinks from artists such as Nacho Vegas, Albert Pla, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen. Live, his sense of humour, improvisation and playfulness with the audience stand out.

In April 2020, Roura released his first album, "El ruido de las pestañas" (2020), produced by Gabriel Vidanauta. It is a collection of story-songs with lyrics linked to surrealism and magical realism. Artists such as Marta Plumilla, María de la Flor, La Vero Paz, or the journalist Javier Gallego Crudo collaborate in this work.

In December 2022, and after a successful crowdfunding campaign, he released "gotas", a four-song EP produced by Toni Brunet, recorded in the company of top musicians such as Héctor Rojo, Manu Clavijo and Gabriel Marijuán. "gotas" is like a four-sided room with the corners placed in different creative moments of Roura, who offers us some of his best songs in this work. The physical edition of the EP comes with four large-format sheets with original illustrations by the artist Dolores Garrido, handwritten lyrics and original texts by Roura himself.


Alejandro Roura
676 058 380




2022, El Cuarto

El ruido de las pestañas


2020, El cuarto


Soy una ventana


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