Atlantic Fest

Atlantic Fest

In the stunning beauty of Illa de Arousa (Rías Baixas), where mystical natural areas and crystal water converge, magic happens naturally.

In such an inspiring setting, music is the soul of Atlantic Fest. Our greatest satisfaction is to welcome artists, which can be well known by a wider audience playing with smaller bands, looking for his opportunity to bright.

If they are part of Atlantic Fest they are brilliant, we love them and find their music full of quality. Every minute spent in Atlantic Fest has its own soundtrack.

A warm family feeling is an essential part of Atlantic Fest. With different activities to enjoy with the little ones, the festival becomes the perfect setting for parents to build great memories that will stay in the children memory forever.

Atlantic Fest is a space ready to welcome all free thinkers, restless souls, free spirits that erase frontiers between artists and public, because only together we create magic in a space that you must come prepared to discover, experience and meet new friends.

Music promoters: New Live

Establishment year: 2016

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: Throughout the whole year

Place of celebration: Illa de Arousa (Rías Baixas)

Approximate dates of celebration: July 21st-23rd, 2023

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