Born in August 2016, Bulto is a rock band composed by David Soprano (drums, voice), Charli Gómez (guitar, voice) and O Chicho (bass, voice). Just one month after their first rehearsal, Bulto was giving their first concert together with Trilitrate in a fluvial beach in ashore of Cabe River (Lugo) during DoaFest.

On December 26th 2016, their first album was released under the title “Supermercados Buitre” (La Melona/Discos de Arena, 2016), recorded by David Quintas in Xílgaro Estudios (Ourense) and masterized by Pablo Peiró at Sountess. The album features 7 songs where punk, stoner and metal are the prevailing styles full of energy and freshness; an explosion of frenetic rythms and heavy riffs joined by voices that sing to love in all forms and shapes.

Bulto are the present and the future. The band is currently presenting “Supermercados Buitre” around Spain and Portugal with great reception from the audience and the critic.


La Melona / Discos de Arena
Charli / David
(+34) 649 364 534 - (+34) 633 808 665
lamelonaeventos@gmail.com / discosdearena@gmail.com


Supermercados Buitre


2017, La Melona / Discos de Arena


Amor frío


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