Two artists united by the need to express feelings through music: Jesús Rodriguez and Sandra Moya. In 2017, they released their first single, “No queda que vivir”, which is now part of the album “Por Mis Sueños” (2021), from where they also released the singles “Algo de Fe” in 2018, featuring Adrián Hidalgo at the saxophone, and “Pétalo al Viento” in 2020, with the collab of Giovanni Parra on bandoneon.

Jesús Rodríguez, composer and guitarist, Foz (Spain). Arranger, composer, multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, guitar, other string instruments), and producer. Music Technology Technician with more than thirty years of experience. He studied at the Superior Conservatory of Music in A Coruña. Considered the pioneer in implementing digital systems for live music in Spain. Founder and guitarist of the group Contacto, he has produced solo albums, music for various artists, orchestras and groups throughout the country.

Sandra Moya, vocalist and lyricist, Bogotá (Colombia). Singer, actress, songwriter. She was first trained in Colombia with Alfonso Ortiz and, in Spain, at the William Layton Theater Laboratory, Mar Navarro and the Corazza Studio, among others. Contemporary singing with Mía Patterson and Lidia García. Music with Alberto Martín and Universidad Incca of Colombia. She has taken part in several television, theater and musical productions. Stimulus Scholar for Theater Creation of the Colombian Ministry of Culture 2013. She is currently studying Stage Direction and Dramaturgy at ESADG.


Jésus Rodríguez
+34 661 87 0248 - +34 665 228 926


Por mis sueños


2021, iMD-VersoLibremusic


No queda que vivir


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