El Flop

Hello, we are El Flop!

"Una víctima excelente" is the first album by El Flop, a nine-song full-length that serves as an introduction to tell the world: Hello, we are el Flop!

This nearly ten compositions combine humour, drama, tenderness, pop culture and surrealism in a mix as confusing and unpredictable as life itself. It is also an album that asks questions, such as whether it is possible to make a rock album armed only with a voice and a guitar, whether it is possible to start a musical career when you are no longer young, whether it is possible to make an album with dignity when you are still training vocally, or whether it makes sense to continue making records in a panorama that is so saturated at all levels.

The answer to all these questions could probably be summed up as "it's very complicated...", but El Flop firmly believes that these are not reasons to stop trying.

So this little record, stubbornly and obstinately, insisted on existing and on being able to find a small tribe in this cruel world to welcome it. I'm sure that if you've read this far, it's because you're already itching with curiosity, so go to your favourite platform and play " Una víctima excelente" right now.


Javier Isla Ramos
610 382 093


Una víctima excelente




No me voy a torturar


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