In 2019, four musicians joined forces with a specific goal: to play at the Hío Carnival 2020.

After this magnificent experience, neither the pandemic nor the difficulties to form a lasting project managed to divert the path marked at first by the four, with the particular contributions of each one and a common feeling: the love for Galician heritage music and the responsibility to contribute to its health with creative eagerness.

The bagpipes of Gael Pérez, anchored in Morrazo’s tradition but playing in other directions; the accordion of Zé Pumar, bringing freshness with new melodies and harmonies; the playful but precise touch of Luis Malvido on the bass drum; the intensity and energy of the percussion of Rodri Martínez drinking from many styles... These are the vine, the water, the earth and the sun.

And so Mediarea was made, like a new wine with its own personality, but with the mark of the land where it was born. A group that gains with time, that matures and acquires nuances, that settles and leaves its mark.

In their first year they were able to show their show live on numerous stages, highlighting the final of the Interritmos Sons do Rural contest at Náutico de San Vicente or at the Fiesta Folc de Vilariño; as well as releasing their first music video, "Muiñeira Mediarea".

They released their first LP, "Sebo de Ghrilo", in May 2023; where, through their own music, they try to show the strength that characterizes their energetic live performances as faithfully as possible, getting wonderful reviews.


Zoe / Roxo
623 416 132 - 619 933 348


Sebo de Ghrilo


2023, Independente


Muiñeira Mediarea


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