Dioivo is an extreme metal duo founded in Vigo in 2016, born by setting music to Rosalía de Castro’s poem Sempre pola morte esperas’ as a result of a contest commemorating the 179th anniversary of the author. From there, they went on with the idea of mixing influences such as melodic black metal or thrash, using the Galician language and using only drums, guitar and voice. Since its inception the band is made up of Dani and Jacobo, who had already clashed in the thrash metal band Rust in Peace.

They soon began to be regulars in some of Vigo’s venues like Transylvania or Frenopátiko and, in October, they released their first homonymous EP, “Dioivo” (2016), recorded and mixed by Pablo López Figueroa. In this first album, half an hour long, they incorporate the interludes of classic guitar, a line that will become a key part of the group's sound. With the self-released album under their arm, Dioivo began playing in concert halls throughout Galicia, in the Basque town of Amurrio together with Nakkiga, or in Segovia with Mortal Maze. They were also awarded the 2nd prize at the Xuventude Crea contest of Xunta de Galicia in 2016 and 2017.

In 2018, they record their first LP, “Dioivo II” (Darkwoods, 2019), at Marín’s Unreal Studios (Unreal Overflows, Fallen Sentinel); 50 minutes along eight tracks where they incorporate the 12-string electric guitar. The album was released by the label Darkwoods (Dantalion, Lóstregos, Mileth) from Málaga, and since then, Dioivo proceeded to show it live while getting new material ready.


Jacobo Mouriño Almeida
608 431 409 - 648 721 153


Dioivo II


2019, Darkwoods

Dioivo I


2016, Independente


Ferro e Xenreira (con Dana e Marcos de Mileth)


O Derradeiro Voo (vídeo oficial)


Nunca Máis (vídeo 4º aniversario)


Lobishomes (videoclip oficial)


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