Najla Shami

Singer and songwriter born in Santiago de Compostela. She's the product of three cultures: Palestinian, Galician and Argentinian, who grew up between Galicia and Kuwait. She's been interested in music since her childhood and began studying and singing when she was nine, being part of different polyphonic choirs and groups of traditional Galician music. It was then when she composed her first songs. Nevertheless, it was at age 17 having learnt to play the guitar, when her compositions turned into a more personal style and her voice was influenced by styles such as jazz, funk and world music. In 1997 she decided to study modern music and musical education, to learn more about vocal technique and its pedagogy, activity that will take her to countries such as Norway, USA, Jordan, Kuwait, India, England, Portugal and Spain. Between 2003 and 2011 she collaborates in the publishing of different works: "The past to come" (2003), with the acid-jazz band Cinnamon Gum; "Bien Deitei" (2010), with the Safari Orquesta; and "Haikúes" (Inquedanzas Sonoras, 2011), with Lobalú, among others. She gradually incorporates new influences into her musical language, adding sounds from Portugal, Brazil and Africa that she mixes with her roots and with jazz. At this point she collaborates in works such as the album "Son Brasilego" (2012), the record-book and documentary "CoraSons "(2013). In July she releases her solo debut with the record-book "Na lingua que eu falo" (Galaxia, 2013), in which she delves into the work of the writer Rosalia de Castro.


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Na lingua que eu falo


2013, Galaxia


Negra sombra


Camiño branco


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