Galicia Molona Fest

Galicia Molona Fest

A festival that aims to promote the underground scene in Galicia, moving away from the majority of festivals that focus on artists that we can see on most posters. In this first edition, Galicia Molona’s line up is composed of 13 artists, who will perform during two days in three different locations (Sala Filomatic, Sala La Disfrutona and Almacén Concept Store):

Terror Erótico, Auto Sacramental, Ángel Novcad, Saraiba, Ms. No, El Flop, Calavera Rivera & Friends, Jor Ginho, Pladür, Chivata, Nüca, Sputnik Pussy and Schulz.

Online tickets and extended information ➡ https://galiciamolona.com/gmfest
Physical ticket outlets ➡ Pub Lebowski, Laboratorio Escénico Coop and Bar La Campana.

Main sponsor ➡ Arehucas.
Vermouth session sponsor ➡ Cervezas Alhambra.

Music promoters: Galicia Molona

Establishment year: 2022

Periodicity: Annual

Duration: Two days

Place of celebration: A Coruña

Approximate dates of celebration: October 21 and 22

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